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To maintain and build our reputation in the service industry, management and employees need to have values to share. Our employees, who represent us on a daily basis, will be treated with respect and in turn treat our customers the same. Communication between management and employees will lead to excellent relationships with our clients, which is our top priority. We must not only listen but hear their views and respond honestly to their suggestions. In the communities where we conduct business, our company name must be in good standing always. Our reputation depends on it! It is vital to our growth as a company. Our word is our business.
Honesty and following through on all commitments are the ways that we will be judged as a company and as individuals. As a company, we will continue to work diligently to achieve a common goal. Through communications, teamwork and dedication, we are committed to giving our customers honest, dependable, high quality service. As individuals, we need to build lasting relationships with our customers through honesty. Our customer’s perception of our company depends on our accountability and the actions of our employees.



Our concierges provide guests with highly specialized services meant to improve guest experiences. From local events to advice about finding the best deals on food and entertainment. The concierge will also plan events to facilitate the sense of community on-site as well as promote philanthropic involvement.

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Any property manager understands how crucial proper maintenance is. From janitorial services, to floor and carpet care to handymen and porters, we have it covered. Through communication, teamwork and dedication, we are committed to giving our customers honest, dependable, high quality service. 

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Premier also offers valet parking and parking garage security services.  We understand that a parking lot or garage should be properly taken care of and looked out for just as any other part of your facility.  Your tenants and guests will feel safe knowing their vehicles and parking amenities are in good hands.




99 Harmon Cove Tower, Secaucus, NJ 07094, USA

(201) 553-0800

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Today’s world presents a new set of security challenges and we believe that a secure site is attained through a comprehensive process. By implementing the correct plan and placing the right security officers in your facility, risk is minimized, problems are averted and peace of mind is attained.

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